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ENQA Reviewers’ Seminar on Targeted Reviews


The Reviewers’ Seminar on ENQA Targeted Reviews took place online on 9 December 2021 and was open exclusively to all trained reviewers in the ENQA Pool of Experts. In this ENQA Reviewers’ Seminar IAAR was represented by IAAR Deputy General Director for International Cooperation – Dr. Timur Kanapyanov.

The aim of the seminar was to provide the experts with information on the targeted reviews methodology, including the scope of the review, different steps of the process, experts’ roles and responsibilities, as well as open the floor for discussion and questions.

The seminar was coordinated by Goran Dakovic, ENQA Reviews Manager, Melinda Szabó, EQAR Senior Policy Analyst, and Milja Homan, ENQA Project and Reviews Officer. The seminar allowed all trained ENQA reviewers to gain valuable insides and to participate in discussions on ENQA targeted reviews.

Information is available on the ENQA event webpage