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Independent agency for accreditation and rating

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International Accreditation

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International Accreditation is the most widespread and effective model in the world for the quality assurance of education.

International Accreditation is a procedure for assessing the compliance of educational programs with international and European quality standards, carried out by accreditation agencies that are members of the European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education ENQA and are registered in the European Quality Assurance Register for Higher Education EQAR.

The basic principles of international accreditation:

- independence, objectivity and professionalism

- transparency, reliability and relevance of information on accreditation procedures

- collegial decision making

What competitive advantages does international accreditation provide to educational organizations?

To HEIs:

- international recognition, comparability and convertibility of qualifications assigned by the HEI, confirmation of guarantees of high quality education and services, their compliance with international requirements

- increasing the attractiveness of the HEI and the confidence of the main stakeholders in the effectiveness and efficiency of implemented educational programs

- qualitative evaluation of the level of its activities and implemented educational programs to obtain objective information on the unutilized possibilities, potential and prospects of development

- wide integration into the world educational space and access to the foreign market of educational services

- image growth and strengthening of competitive positions in the national and international educational services market

- support of institutional changes not only in a particular HEI, but also at the level of the entire higher education system of the country

To Learners - Opportunities for:

- participation in various academic mobility programs in foreign partner universities with the offset of existing credits

- admission to other foreign universities for master's and doctoral programs

- increase the competitiveness of the graduate both on the national and international labor market, employment by profession in the country and abroad.

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