Independent agency for accreditation and ranking

Independent agency for accreditation and rating

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The international Ranking for the “IAAR Eurasian University Ranking (IAAR EUR)”, developed by the IAAR aims to a comprehensively assess the quality of higher education institutions, takes into account the international methodological standards for IREG ranking (Observatory on Academic Ranking and Excellence), standards for conducting empirical studies and promotes the integration of HEIs into the global educational and global research space.

The methodology of the international ranking “IAAR Eurasian University Ranking (IAAR EUR)” is based on compliance with the Berlin principles: transparency, objectivity, verifiability and accessibility of information sources. The methodology of the international ranking of HEIs “IAAR Eurasian University Ranking (IAAR EUR)” was approved by international experts based on the outcomes of the IREG (Observatory on Academic Ranking and Excellence) international audit.

IAAR Ranking Methodology Ranking Advisory Board