Independent agency for accreditation and ranking

Independent agency for accreditation and rating

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IAAR expands the expert database on education quality assurance.

IAAR expert must know:

- latest version of laws and regulationsin the field of education and science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Labour Code, the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan «On Accreditation in the Field of Conformity Assessment» dated 5 July, 2008 № 61-IV, current regulatory legal acts on procedure of accreditation;;

 - techniques and methodsof work with service information and personal data;

 - Agency standards and guidelines for the relevant type of accreditation;

 - ways to conduct conformity assessment to the standards during the accreditation process, to the Agency standards and government requirements of educational organizations and/or educational programs stated for accreditation;

 -requirements for content and drawing up of the Commission Conclusions on accreditation assessment, and documents prepared in implementing the accreditation assessment procedure of educational organizations and/or educational programs.


IAAR expert should be able to:

- analyse, systematize and generalize information;

- review self-reports and reports of educational organizations on institutional and specialized accreditation;

 - carry out the questionnaire and process its results;

 - gather information using a surveys, interviews and other methods of oral and written communication;

- estimatevarious resources;

- draw up the Commission Conclusions and others documents on assessment using computer and information technologies;

- form and draw up a report on the results of the external expert commission’s visit;

- interact with other experts, accreditation body, educational organization during the accreditation assessment process.

- analyse the educational programs of the educational organization (including study plans, academic program, discipline (module) and other materials regarding quality education and training, spiritual and moral development of students, and also program of learning and work practice, calendar plan, teaching materials providing the implementation of the educational program);

- establish the content of the training (non-)compliance of students and graduates of educational organization to state educational standards and requirements;

The expert’s level of qualification should comply with the Agency requirements, taking into account changes in the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the field of education (as well as in the state educational standards and requirements), improvement the form and methods of implementing the accreditation assessment, development of the computer and information technologies through advanced training and by self-education.

Expert participates in seminars, conferences and other activities organized by the Agency and/or other organizations.


Candidate wishing to be an expert should fill the application form on the Agency site and send the following documents (e-mail address: 

a) copy of an identification document;

b) copy of documents of higher education, supplementary education, academic degrees and titles.;

c) detailed CV (in free form) with all contact information;

d) copy of the certificate of passing the test on foreign language IELTS, TOEFL and others. (at presence of such documents);IELTS, TOEFL ;

e) other documents of competency (for example, recommendations of educational organizations, science organizations, associations etc.);

f) completed application form.

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