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Independent agency for accreditation and rating

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Post-Accreditation Monitoring

Post-accreditation monitoring is the accreditation stage from the date of obtaining accreditation status to the next independent external evaluation, the purpose of which is to maintain compliance with accreditation standards.

Post-accreditation monitoring is carried out in order to monitor the implementation of the recommendations of the External Review Panel given to the accredited educational organization and/or educational programs in accordance with the standards of institutional/specialized (program) accreditation.

An interim report compiled by the educational organization contains information on the implementation of recommendations by an External Review Panel regarding an accredited educational organization and / or educational program for the entire period from the moment of receipt of an accreditation certificate and includes information on all changes in educational organization in accordance with accreditation standards and criteria.

Regulation on post-accreditation monitoring of the Educational institutions and (or) educational programmes