Independent agency for accreditation and rating

Independent agency for accreditation and rating

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IAAR since March 20, 2020 conducts an International Ranking IAAR Eurasian University Ranking (IAAR EUR)

We invite HEIs to participate in the International Ranking titled “IAAR Eurasian University Ranking (IAAR EUR)” to determine the ranking positions in the international educational area, demonstrate high quality of education and the stage of development of the intellectual potential of your university in the international educational services market.

The International Ranking IAAR Eurasian University (IAAR EUR) is based on a specially developed methodology using digital technologies with Webometrics elements, which allows an independent and transparent ranking and an objective assessment of higher education institutions.

Higher education institutions are evaluated based on 20 parameters in four areas: academic reputation, quality composition, concentration of scientific potential and internationalization of the HEI.

Participation in the International Ranking “IAAR Eurasian University Ranking (IAAR EUR)” will increase the authority and recognition of HEI, its reputation in the global academic community, attract not only talented applicants and students from abroad, but also improve the prestige of HEI at the national and international educational scope.



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