Independent agency for accreditation and ranking

Independent agency for accreditation and rating

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Internal quality system

To ensure the quality of activities and services rendered, the IAAR has developed, documented, implemented and maintained the internal quality assurance system (hereinafter - IQAS), which is continuously being improved in compliance with the requirements of recognition authorities.

Internal Quality Assurance System

  • aims to ensure the unity of the IAAR’s Development Strategy and Policy;
  • reflects the IAAR’s Quality Assurance Policy and is designed to implement this Policy.

IQAS is designed to:

  • promote a culture of quality education
  • ensure effective management of the Agency’s processes and continuous improvement thereof;
  • integration, identification and establishment of interaction of all elements of the Agency’s quality assurance system;
  • staff training related to quality assurance issues;
  • public awareness;
  • demonstrate IQAS to educational organizations, students, the general public, education and science authorities, subordinate organizations in the field of education and science, regional and international networks for quality assurance, recognition bodies of the IAAR and other stakeholders.

IQAS scope:

Agency activities related to the quality assurance in education under the Charter.

The IAAR internal quality assurance system includes:


  • Guideline on the internal quality assurance system;
  • Agency’s development strategy;
  • Standards and Guidelines for assessment of educational organizations and (or) study programmes;
  • External documents of recognition bodies, including ESG, WFME standards, etc.;
  • Regulations governing accreditation and rating studies related activity;
  • Internal documents of the Agency governing its accreditation and rating studies related activity;
  • Agency research outcomes;
  • Agency’s activity progress reports.

The Agency has defined the IQAS processes for document management, leadership responsibility, provision of resources, uninterrupted cycle. The IQAS documents provide methods and criteria for ensuring process effectiveness.

For continuous improvement purposes the IAAR monitors IQAS processes. The data obtained as a result of monitoring are analyzed to take specific measures for processes improvement.

IQAS processes are accommodated with the necessary resources and information.

The Agency’s management, implementing the internal quality assurance system, proceeds from the premise that each Agency employee correctly recognizes and understands responsibility for the quality of work performed and undertakes not to accept or not to take actions contrary to the Quality Policy.

Internal Quality Assurance System Manual (rus)