Independent agency for accreditation and ranking

Independent agency for accreditation and rating

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World Federation for Medical Education WFME is an international organization whose mission is to enhance the quality of medical education worldwide through the introduction of high scientific and ethical standards. WFME includes 6 Regional Associations of medical education. International activities to improve the quality of medical education began with the International Program for the Modernization of Medical Education since 1984.

WFME works closely with the World Health Organization (WHO), the World Medical Association (WMA), UNESCO and UN specialised agencies, Associations of medical education and medical schools in Europe and other important organizations of different countries, among them the Independent Agency for Accreditation and RatingIAAR have been included this year.

On December 14, 2017 Independent Agency for Accreditation and Rating, recognised by many world associations on education quality assurance, has been awarded yet another high status of the WFME recognition, which continues to confirm the compliance of the IAAR activities with high international standards.

IAAR is the first organization from the CIS countries recognised by the World Federation for Medical Education, which gives the right to conduct international accreditation of medical organisations and programmes.

Passing accreditation in the IAAR by medical education organisations in accordance with international standards contributes to the achievement of the national goal - increasing the competitiveness of the graduates and the export potential growth of the educational sector.