Independent agency for accreditation and ranking

Independent agency for accreditation and rating

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National Accreditation Agency

National Accreditation Agency (NAA)

FSBI “NAA” carries out its functions in accordance with the state task of the Federal Service of Supervision in Education and Science within the scope of the delegated powers for state accreditation of educational organizations in order to ensure the objectivity and detachment of the decisions made. The activity of FSBI “NAA” is aimed at meeting the needs of all stakeholders – parties engaged in relations in the sphere of education both as individual consumers of educational services, and as educational organizations, governmental authorities, society and the state as a whole.
The activity of the federal state budgetary institution "NAA" is based on the management system that meets the requirements of international standards for management and quality assurance of education, and is aimed at ensuring the external quality assurance of education and promoting the recognition of student learning outcomes in Russian educational organizations at national and international levels.