Independent agency for accreditation and ranking

Independent agency for accreditation and rating

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All-Russian Public Organization «Medical League of Russia»

The All-Russian public organization “Medical League of Russia” was established in 2010. The League is an expert organization accredited by Rosobrnadzor for the examination of educational activities in the field of medicine.

The Russian Medical League carries out procedures for professional and public accreditation of educational programs and independent assessment of the quality of educational programs of secondary, higher and additional professional education implemented in medical and pharmaceutical universities of the Russian Federation, ensuring the openness and accessibility of information obtained as a result of the examination.


  • Serve the development, consolidation of the medical community and strengthen Russia's competitiveness in the global competition of research and educational platforms and innovation.
  • Integrate the efforts of the medical community, educational institutions, non-governmental organizations to improve the quality of life of the population of the Russian Federation (education, decent job, good income, social protection).
  • Promote the development of the all-Russian system of independent assessment of the quality of education, helping to improve the competitiveness of educational organizations.
  • Develop, compile and distribute innovative educational technologies, programs, didactic tools and best practices of medical and pharmaceutical educational institutions and regions of the Russian Federation in the field of organization of work on the preservation and strengthening of health of citizens.

The key areas of cooperation between IAAR and the Russian Medical League are:

  • increasing the level of openness (transparency) and objectivity in the field of quality assurance of medical education;
  • exchange of experience in the field of procedures and mechanisms for the independent evaluation of medical education organizations;
  • promoting cooperation through the exchange of experts and etc.