Independent agency for accreditation and ranking

Independent agency for accreditation and rating

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  • Aims to reach high level of development and sustainable growth of IAAR's potential to  ensure high quality education;
  • Implements Policy in the field of quality assurance, focused on continuous development and provision of quality services in the field of education quality assessment for consumers at all levels: state, society, educational and scientific organizations, employers, students, public organizations;
  • Improves the quality of activities, improves tools and methodology for conducting accreditation procedures, introduces innovative approaches to flexibly respond to social needs of society and market requirements;
  • Builds constructive engagement with consumers on principles of feedback and mutually beneficial partnership based on maximum responsibility for the obligations assumed;
  • Assists educational organizations in increasing the efficiency and promoting development of educational and scientific activities in accordance with the best world practice of quality assurance.

 IAAR gives priority to:

  • Generating quality culture;
  • Making decisions that are consistent with the Development Strategy and Policy, based on objective information and facts obtained in process of analysis, monitoring and measurement of performance results;
  • Implementation of systemic and process approaches in management of activities and resources;
  • Involvement of all IAAR employees and stakeholders in achieving set strategic goals and objectives;
  • Attracting competent national and international experts for international accreditation;
  • Continuous improvement of internal quality assurance system;
  • Support and development of broad cooperation with national and foreign partners - recognition bodies, accreditation agencies and international networks.

IAAR management, approving and explaining Quality Policy, proceeds from the fact that it is properly understood and recognized, each IAAR employee is responsible for the quality of the work performed.