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Independent agency for accreditation and rating

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Webinar for New IAAR Experts


On November 4, 2022,  Independent Agency for Accreditation and Rating held a webinar on the preparation of IAAR experts for the visit of an external expert commission to educational organisations. Webinar moderators Gulnar Kozhagulovna Iskakova, Advisor on Strategic Development, Gulfiya Rivkatovna Nazyrova, Project Manager for Review Panel Members, Dilnara Ikramkhanovna Zakirova, an IAAR expert of the 1st category, acquainted the webinar participants with the main tasks and functions of an EEC expert in the accreditation process, conducting an external quality assessment in accordance with the IAAR international accreditation Standards and the Guidelines for organising and conducting an external evaluation procedure in the process of accreditation of an educational organisation and (or) an educational programme.

Particular attention of the webinar participants was paid to the issues of collegial discussion of the preliminary results of the assessment in accordance with the parameters of the profile of the educational programme, the principles of forming the evidence / analytical part of the EEC report, ensuring that the assessments of the parameters correspond to the content of the analytical part, strengths and formulated recommendations.

Webinar’s Programme