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Independent agency for accreditation and rating

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Students in Quality Assurance

The opinion of students, their positions and needs are a very important part of the formation of a quality culture of education.

The countries participating in the Bologna Process have a specific task - to improve the quality assurance system both at the university level and at the national level, and at the EHEA as a whole. In this case, special attention is given to the student as the main consumer of educational services, and the student’s involvement in external assessment procedures is more relevant than ever.

IAAR, showing interest in enhancing the role and capacity of students in the quality assurance of education, involves their representatives in accreditation processes, evaluation of educational programs and participation in decision-making process.

For this purpose IAAR

  • raises awareness of students about transformations in education;
  • identifies problems that concern students, including through conducting sociological research, collecting and studying the opinions of students and publishing their results;
  • enriches its database of expert students;
  • enhances students' expert potential through training seminars and workshops.

Therefore, according to the rules of procedure for external quality assessment of IAAR it is envisaged:

1) conducting training seminars for students;

2) selection and inclusion of students in the External Review Panel;

3) students' participation in the work of collegial bodies of the IAAR;

4) student surveys for feedback;

5) involving students in the discussion and development of standards and other regulatory documents related to the activities of educational organizations.

Participation in IAAR activities gives students the opportunity

  • to gain experience in the processes of improving the quality of educational programmes and education in general;
  • to raise the problems that concern them and that they face;
  • to get more information about processes and transformations in the field of education;
  • to become an IAAR expert
  • to get training at seminars and workshops of the IAAR, etc.
  • to gain practical skills in the field of education management, its quality.

IAAR works closely with various student and youth organizations. In April 2018, IAAR signed a Memorandum of Cooperation with the Republican Student Movement “Alliance of Students of Kazakhstan”. According to the Memorandum, the parties agreed to cooperate in attracting students from the Alliance of Students of Kazakhstan to the collegial bodies of IAAR and to the composition of external expert commissions of IAAR.

Today, all collegial bodies of the IAAR include representatives of students. It is important that students in the IAAR collegial bodies have an equal voice and the opportunity to participate in the decision-making process on accreditation.

The representative of students in the External Review Panel acts as a direct consumer of educational services, expressing the interests of students.

Expert Student:

  • must be a senior student / undergraduate / PhD;
  • must be nominated by student associations;

Conditions for selection are:

  • training at the IAAR training seminar and obtaining a certificate;
  • good knowledge of the legal framework in the field of education;
  • knowledge of the main provisions of the Bologna process;
  • no affiliation with an accredited educational organization.

The expert student must prior to the site visit:

  • to study the report on the self-assessment of the educational organization/educational program;

During the site visit:

  • participate in interviews with faculty and students of the educational organization/educational program;
  • to participate in the online survey of teachers and students;
  • to attend various types of classes (according to the visit program of the External Review Panel);
  • get acquainted with the material and technical base of the organization of education / educational program (in agreement with the Chairman of the External Review Panel);
  • request additional information necessary for analyzing students' satisfaction with the created conditions of the organization of education / educational program;
  • participate in the preparation of the External Review Report (elaborate recommendations).

If you are a student and want to get a quality education, have a successful career, are interested in constantly improving the quality of education, take part in various types of activities of the IAAR, then fill out the application form and send us to

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