“Аккредиттеу және рейтинг тәуелсіз агенттігі” КЕМ

Independent agency for accreditation and rating

Кері байланыс
Тапсырыс беру

Грузияның инновациялық білім беру орталығы

The International Education Center was founded in 2014 and from 2014-2018 it has given 650 study grants to Georgian citizens desiring to study abroad. A portion of them has already concluded their foreign studies, returned to Georgia, and will continue to realize this acquired knowledge in their own country.

The Center’s goal, when taking into account the priorities of state development, is to prepare personnel having skills and knowledge corresponding to international standards. After the conclusion of state financed studies, graduates of masters, doctoral, and foreign qualification enhancement programs return to Georgia and continue working in the corresponding sphere for the three years period. Scholarships are awarded through a competition observing the principles of fairness, competitiveness, and transparency.